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Manual Handling Training

Recent studies have shown that over 30% of workplace injuries reported to the HSE are manual handling injuries such as back injuries, this represents around 1700 acute injuries per year. Manual handling injuries are caused by handling and lifting -60% of the injuries involve lifting heavy objects. Most musculoskeletal injuries arise from just 5 causes:

  • Stacking / Unstacking Containers (such as boxes, crates and sacks)
  • Pushing Wheeled Racks (such as oven racks and trolleys of produce)
  • Handling Drinks Containers (such as delivery of casks, kegs and crates).
  • Packing Products (such as cheese, confectionery and biscuits)
  • Cutting, Boning, Jointing, Trussing and Evisceration (such as meat and poultry)

Safe manual handling techniques are important in the workplace because having the knowledge to apply the right technique can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Retain2Gain Ltd courses are tailored to suit an individual companies requirements by teaching the participant the correct lifting and carrying techniques, and understand the risks and precautions needed when handling loads.

On completion of this training session the participant will understand the following milestone objectives:

  • Have an awareness of the hazards in the workplace and what precautions to take when undertaking any form of manual labour
  • Defining the potential problems in manual handling situations
  • Avoiding the need for manual handling under certain situations
  • Assessing the risks involved from manual handling (TILE)
  • Identifying and reducing any unnecessary risks

Course Duration: 3 hours (Flexible Training)

Retain2Gain Ltd - Manual Handling Training

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